Please Patronise Me!

My new novella, Birthday Shift, is out! And it only costs £1.63 for the Kindle, iPhone or PC, which is less than:

- A coffee at Starbucks
- A small breakfast at Wetherspoons
- A pack of doughnuts at Greggs

And in exchange for your £1.63 you will get 16,000 words written by my own fair hand!

Visit my publisher's website to buy: http://tinyurl.com/29pkdfb

Thank you!

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Lucky Mr. M

My erotic novella, Lucky Mr M, is released today from Pink Petal Books!

Actually I suppose it is more highly sensual than erotic. But suffice to say it's naughty.

It's currently in e-book format, around 20,000 words in length and costs the princely sum of £1.80, which is about three dollars.

So... what else? Oh yeah. Please buy it!  *grin*

Buy link here.
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More Reviews!!

Two new reviews for Between the Lines - pretty nice ones too!

(from Long and Short Reviews)

Between the Lines by Jasmine Aherne
Wild Horse Press
Genre: Contemporary
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4.5 Books
Reviewed by Edelweiss

"Early in Jasmine Aherne’s Between the Lines, we meet Tory, a successful New York City lawyer who is harried but successful in her family law practice. But success comes at a price. She has friends aplenty but no love life beyond blind dates and a jilted relationship that leaves regret but no pain because it never really got off the ground. As a favor to a cousin, she meets Aaron, a British author who needs her assistance for a novel he is setting in NYC. The attraction between them crackles from their first meeting.

The main characters have an introspective quality, owing to the way the author uses POV shifts to put us alternately in the heads of the protagonists. From their viewpoints we see their emotions waver, and hesitate, and advance. The characterizations are very good, and as we take their part, we are cheering on a relationship that looks to be in grave doubt. As a counterweight to emotional gravity, this book has a chick-lit flavor, with Tory repeatedly consulting with her girlfriends to review strategy and gauge the course of her feelings. Eventually we learn that Aaron’s romantic decision making is blocked by some deep, dark secret, and this brake on his progress provides the story with a healthy dose of suspense.

The word to summarize the story is touching. It ultimately wins out over a substantial amount of humor and slapstick informality. This is a story with an unabashedly sentimental ending, and its triumph is one you’ll not soon forget.

* * *

(from Talk About my Favourite Authors)

"I really fell for the hero, Aaron, and the heroine, Tory, because they seem like opposites but they really have so much in common. After finishing this novel I really couldn't believe that I finished it so fast and was left in awe as well as wanting to get my hands on another of Jasmine Aherne's novels."
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Serial Update & Nice Stuff

Borderlines (or Jack & Tilly) has updated: http://jackandtilly.wordpress.com/2009/07/17/borderlines-chapter-3/ for those of you who're following it. Thank you, and I hope you're enjoying it. Squee!

I've been getting some very nice reviews lately. First, one for Magic at Midnight:

Customer Reviews:
From Kit Cat
Creating a memorable short story is not an easy feat, yet Jasmine Aherne has managed to do just that! With sensual love scenes, sexual tension, and a storyline most women can relate to, Magic at Midnight is a winner all the way around! Be prepared for your heart to race and your insides to melt as you read this delectable tale!

Next, I've been getting lovely emails from readers. Just a few snippets:

"I'm looking forward to more of your work!" (Stranded)

"Aaron is MY kind of hero" (Between the Lines)

"I'm so happy I bought this book." (Stranded)

So, hooray!

Also yesterday I purchased a pair of psychedelic converse-style shoes. I love 'em. :D

Online Serial

A few days ago I posted the first chapter of some new writings in this journal. I've now started to turn it into an online serial that will hopefully serve two purposes: to entertain current fans of my writing and to glean some new fans!

You can check it out here: http://jackandtilly.wordpress.com/

Chapters 1 & 2 are already up. I plan to update it once or twice a week.